Common Key Features

endurance to extremely severe conditions
lowest power consumption
lowest noise and drift for its tiny size

no hysteresis or dead zones
no bias sensitivity to vibration or acceleration
instant start-up

Specific Key Features

FOG VG091 series

The basic model of this series is VG091A – the smallest and lightest ever fiber optic gyro. The series features thumb-sized design combined with instant start-up and low power consumption. There are gyroscopes with north seeking capability, magnetic immunity and suppressed vibration response. The gyro VG091B has orthogonal (to VG091A) sensing axis orientation along its cylindrical body.

FOG VG910 series

This fiber optic gyro series features robust and reliable design coupled with a choice of outputs (differential, single-ended, digital). The wide range of models includes extra durable gyroscopes, superior bias performance gyros and high temperature operating gyroscopes. The basic model of the series is the VG910H.

FOG VG103 series

This fiber optic gyro series features compact fully plastic design (no metal parts) coupled with the choice of outputs (differential, single-ended, digital) at affordable prices. The basic model VG103PT offers the best combination of excellent performance and superb shock/vibration endurance. The gyro VG103LN stands out for its extremely low noise.                    

FOG VG095 series

This fiber optic gyroscope series features compact and low weight (50 gram) rectangular design coupled with a choice of outputs (differential, single-ended, digital) and housing (aluminium, plastic). The basic model VG095M offers exceptional bias stability and immunity to vibrations. The fully plastic gyro VG071PT can operate at extremely low temperature.

FOG VG035 series

This fiber optic gyro series features low weight for its size due to sensors’ plastic housing. The basic model VG035P demonstrates excellent bias and SF stability. The gyroscope VG035 design provides spare inner space for customizing. A modified sensing coil and additional electronics blocks may be embedded to tailor the gyro’s characteristics on request.                  

FOG VG1703 series

Gyroscope VG1703 png

This fiber optic gyro series features ultra-compact lightweight design combined with super shock and vibration immunity. The basic gyro model VG1703 offers enhanced precision due to the increased fiber length.