Sensor+Test 2024 | 11-13 June | Nuremberg, Germany

Fizoptika Malta smallest fiber optic gyros at Sensor+Test 2024

Fizoptika Malta will be showcasing its most miniature fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs) at Sensor+Test 2024 (June 11-13, Nuremberg, Germany). 

The fiber optic gyroscope VG191A offers low noise performance in the all-time smallest cylinder package. This FOG sensor delivers 0.015°/√h ARW and a bias stability of 2°/h in a thumb-sized unit measuring ∅24x40mm.

In the fiber optic gyros VG191AD a thumb-sized form-factor (∅24x48mm) is combined with a RS422 digital output. It sends 24-bit data with 8 kHz rate (921.6 kBd). These inertial products offer 0.012°/√h ARW and a bias stability of 1°/h. 

The VG221 is a record-breaking fiber optic gyroscope, measuring just ∅33x12mm, weighing 15gr, and consuming 0.3W. It features 0.05°/√h ARW and a bias stability of 1°/h. The low noise performance variant VG221LN provides lower ARW of 0.025°/√h. 

The fiber optic gyro VG1703SPE is another sensor offering a combination of a very small (∅40x12mm), lightweight (18 gr) design and super low power consumption of 0.25W. It features low noise performance with 0.025°/√h ARW and a bias stability of 1°/h.

These inertial sensors are designed to suit various space- and layout-limited applications in all forms of autonomous and unmanned platforms. They are widely used for gimbal / camera stabilization, pipeline inspection, underground utility mapping and borehole surveying. 

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Fiber optic gyros VG221 and VG221LN-MS
Fiber Optic Gyros VG221, VG221LN
Fiber optic gyroscopes VG091 Series
Fiber Optic Gyros VG191A, VG191AD
Fiber optic gyroscope VG1703SPE with 2 euro coin
Fiber Optic Gyro VG1703SPE
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