Miniature Triple-Axis Unit Developed

Three-axis fiber optic gyro G121 with a coin

Following the great interest for our world’s smallest and most lightweight fiber optic gyro VG221, as well as the compact and light three-axis gyroscope G181, we have developed a new triple-axis unit G121. It is based on the VG221-like sensors and inherits such outstanding parameters as:

      lowest SWaP – 52x58x37 mm, 125 gram, 2 Watt
      low noise performance – 0.025 °/√h
      instant initialization – 1 sec.

The G121 is equipped with an RS422 output (921,6 kBd baud rate, 4.8 kHz data rate). Learn more in the full datasheet.

Three-axis fiber optic gyro G121