Economy Design Gyroscopes

These economy design gyroscope sensors enable our customers to enhance their overall system performance by significantly reducing the size and weight of their product at the lowest possible cost. The gyros feature excellent bias and angle random walk in a compact and lightweight package which makes them an ideal solution for space- and layout-limited UAVs and unmanned systems.

The VG103SE and VG103E require very low (0.5 Watt) powering whereas the VG1703SPE power consumption is groundbreaking – just 0.25 Watt. The ability to withstand up to 750 g shocks and 18 g vibrations makes the VG103SE the most robust out of three. The VG103E inherits two-decade mature design and is fabricated as a truly all-plastic model. The most miniature (∅40×12 mm) and lightweight (18 gram) VG1703SPE still includes fully integrated electronics and optics.


from 915 $
  • ∅55x17 mm
  • 40 gram
  • 0.02 °/√h


Fully plastic
from 915 $
  • ∅60x22 mm
  • 60 gram
  • 0.02 °/√h


from 1390 $
  • ∅40x12 mm
  • 18 gram
  • 0.025 °/√h