FOG-based IMUs

At pre-production phase

A range of newly developed FOG-based inertial measurement units (IMUs) feature miniature and lightweight design coupled with extremely low power consumption. They combine our smallest fiber optic gyroscopes and MEMS / pendulum accelerometers mounted on a solid frame. They also include a fully-integrated ADC board with RS422 (See Pin Assignment , Communication Protocol).

The U183(M) FOG IMU comprises three VG1703-like FOGs and three MEMS accelerometers. It offers low noise performance in an ultra-compact cylindrical unit which is available in aluminium or μ-metal housing. 

The U121D FOG IMU comprises three VG221-like FOGs and three MEMS accelerometers. It is a miniature 145-gram unit consuming groundbreaking 1.5 Watts of power. An analog output version is available on demand. The U123D FOG IMU features cylinder-shaped design (∅40 x 100 mm) and μ-metal housing.

The U173D FOG IMU comprises three VG1703-like FOGs and three pendulum accelerometers. It delivers excellent ARW  in a 250-gram unit with 3 Watt powering. 


The U183(M), U121D and U123D are non-ITAR FOG-based IMUs


Typical applications:

– Inertial Navigation Systems for UAVs / drones
– Inertial Navigation Systems for UUVs / USVs / ROVs
– Flight Control


Access technical documents in FOGs & FOG IMUs DOCUMENTS

ModelGyro Range, °/sAcc. Range, gPower, WWeight, gr