Fizoptika Malta at Xponential & Sensor+Test 2023

Fizoptika Malta at Xponential 2023
Fizoptika Malta miniature FOGs and FOGs IMUs at Xpo23 and Sensor+Test23

In May, we have successfully showcased our newest inertial products – ultra-small fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs) and FOG-based inertial measurement units (FOG IMUs) on two continents: at Xponential 2023 (Denver, USA) and at SENSOR+TEST 2023 (Nuremberg, Germany).

One of the displayed models was the ultra-compact VG221 gyro which contains fully integrated optics & electronics in a 15-gram unit measuring just ∅33×12 mm. The FOG sensor requires as low as 0.3 Watt to operate and delivers 0.05°/√h ARW.

The VG221’s best physical and performance parameters are also found in our latest FOG IMUs – the cylindrical U123D & cuboid U121D. They are both based on VG221s and, consequently, feature small size (∅40×100 mm / 63x56x40 mm), light weight (180 gr / 145 gr), low powering (1.5 Watt), and low ARW (0.05°/√h).