Fizoptika Malta at SitDrone 2022

Fizoptika Malta at SitDrone Peru

Fizoptika Malta has successfully launched a U Series of inertial measurement units (IMUs) based on its most miniature and low power consumption fiber optic gyroscopes at SitDrone 2022 (Peru). 

The FOG IMU U183 features an ultra-compact cylindrical form factor, with a diameter of 46mm and height of 111 mm. It delivers low noise performance with ARW of just 0.03°/√h. The FOG IMU U121D is housed in a robust aluminium enclosure and consumes just 1.5W of power. The unit features a bias of 3°/h and ARW of just 0.05°/√h.

Both units include a fully-integrated ADC board with RS422 interface and are non-ITAR items.

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