JNC 2023 13-14 June | San Diego, USA

Fizoptika Malta inertial sensors at JNC 2023

Fizoptika Malta is showcasing its miniature inertial sensors on the exhibition floor of the Joint Navigation Conference (JNC) for the fist time (June 12-15, San Diego, USA). Welcome to our Booth 526.

Our ultra-compact VG221 fiber optic gyro with fully integrated optics & electronics in a 15-gram unit will be shown in operation. This FOG sensor requires as low as 0.3 Watt and was powered via a tablet USB port.

On display there will be also our newest FOG-based IMUs which inherit the VG221’s best physical and performance parameters. Both U123D (cylinder-shaped) and U121D (cuboid) feature small size (∅40×100 mm / 63x56x40 mm), light weight (180 gr / 145 gr), low power consumption (1.5 Watt), and low noise performance (0.05°/√h ARW).

These miniature non-ITAR FOG IMUs are suitable for a wide range of unmanned systems applications, including GPS-aided navigation for UAVs, USVs and UUVs, and drone flight control.


Fiber optic gyro VG221 with a quarter
Fiber Optic Gyroscope VG221
IMU U123D with a hand
FOG-based Inertial Measurement Unit U123D
Inertial measurement unit U121D with coin
FOG-based Inertial Measurement Unit U121D
Fizoptika Malta at Joint Navigation Conference 2023

JNC is the largest U.S. military Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) conference of the year with joint service and government participation.

Fizoptika Malta at
JNC 2023

Venue    San Diego, USA

Dates    13 – 14  June 2023

Event site  ion.org/jnc 

Booth    526