Fiber Optic Gyroscope Technology

Specialty and normal optical fiber

Unique Thin Optical Fiber

Fizoptika Malta fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs) are produced using a specialized in-line technology matured over 35 years. The basis of the technology is an exclusive 40-micron polarization maintaining (PM) optical fiber. The fiber maintains its optical guiding ability under high elastic or even plastic deformations. This makes possible the fabrication of all fiber optic components directly on a single fiber length by shaping it at high temperatures when quartz glass becomes soft. LEARN MORE

Proprietary Spliceless Fabrication

The spliceless fabrication of couplers, polarizer, and SLD module makes them naturally connected without optical losses. That, in turn, results in low noise performance of all our inertial products. Additionally, it brings low power consumption to our FOGs and FOG IMUs alike. The spliceless technology has also given us the capability to produce the smallest fiber optic gyroscopes worldwide. The next natural step has been development and production of the most miniature and lightweight FOG-based IMUs. LEARN MORE

Precise Optical Tuning

Another outcome of our unique in-line production is precise tuning of the optical components, leading to FOGs immunity to electromagnetic interference. For that reason, our FOG IMUs exhibit low magnetic response even without magnetic shielding, while our shielded FOG IMUs deliver ultimate magnetic immunity. LEARN MORE

Fiber optic gyroscope spliceless technology diagram