Fiber Optic Gyroscope Factory

FOGs Sensor Production Facilities

Established in 1989,  in 1990 Fizoptika developed:

  • Specialty 40µ PM fiber for Fiber Optic Gyroscopes;
  • Jointless technology for manufacturing an all-fiber sensing assembly;
  • In-line high performance crystal-fiber polarizer;
  • Design and technique for robust SLD module.

By 1995 Fizoptika had set up high volume cost-effective manufacturing of high performance FOGs sensors and since then has delivered more than 190 000 units worldwide.

Since 2020 all Fizoptika Malta fiber optic gyroscopes have been produced from materials/components of Western Europe/North America/South Asia origin.

The breakdown by value:
– Western Europe/North America (optical fiber, SLD, electronics) – 90-100% (depending on the model)
– South Asia (mechanical parts, electronics) – 0-10% (depending on the model)