Digital Gyroscope Models

Fizoptika Malta FOG sensors are open-loop fiber optic gyroscopes. They naturally provide analog output (voltage). The gyroscope sensors presented on this page are equipped with ADC circuit and provide digital rate signal via RS232 or RS422 transmitter. 

The output operating mode (RS type, baud rate, data rate) depends on the model and is indicated in the respective datasheets downloadable from the flip-box links.

The digital data contain Angular Rate Data (RATE) and Xdata. RATE is a binary complementary 24-bit word representing output voltage of the gyroscope analog core. Xdata include temperature, supply voltage, SLD current and diagnostics signal. Read more in the Digital output description

Fizoptika Malta data acquisition program Gyro Monitor is available in the Software Downloads. It displays real time FOGs data and store them in an output file