1989 – Fizoptika was set up in Moscow (Russia).

1999 – A new production branch in Arzamas (Russia) was opened.

2006 – The head office was moved to Arzamas.

2008 – Sentech Malta FP (Fizoptika Product) was established to provide product support for international customers. Its facilities for expertize and repair have gradually grown into a full scale production of the main  Fizoptika gyroscope models.

2015 – Production facilities in Malta were certified to conform to Fizoptika  standards.

2016 – Malta production facilities were EU registered under the  Fizoptika trade name

2017 – Fizoptika (Malta) was certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 after up- dating its quality managment system.

Both companies cooperate in product development and trading. However, each company has its own logistic chains. Fizoptika (Malta) utilizes materials and components essentially of EU origin.

Having deployed its production facilities of about 3000 sq.m in Mosta Technopark, Fizoptika (Malta) currently provides a complete service for international customers – customer tailoring, production, specific testing and warranty support.