Smallest FOG ever
The first in aviation
1200 g shock
-60C operating
+125C operating


Founded in 1989, today Fizoptika is a worldwide leading manufacturer of the most miniature yet precise fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs).

Fizoptika gyros are based on an exceptional fiber optic spliceless open-loop platform. For 25+ years maturity of the technology has been proven with  more than 140,000 gyros supplied to industrial and aerospace customers.

Fizoptika offers a unique variety of models to meet the widest spectrum of environmental, physical and performance requirements. 

Fizoptika products are used all over the world as embedded devices by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or as stand alone sensors for testing and measurement to provide critical monitoring, feedback and control input. Fizoptika FOGS are in the core of many industrial and defense products and provide a reliable link to the true physical data. 




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